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2016-02-15 05:53 am

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Hey all.

This is going to serve as an art dump, I guess! Any writings I do, any sketches/whatever, anything I record of myself messing around with my instruments, it'll go here!

Anyway, thanks for following if you do.
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2016-02-15 06:06 am

I'm making a zine (or whatever you'd call it)!


This is the cover of the zine I'm making. I'm going on a trip, starting on the 17th, to see my girlfriend! I have to ride buses for about 25 hours just to get there, but I'm staying for 3 weeks, so it's well worth it, I think. I'm taking lots of pictures while I'm there and I'm going to write sort of stream-of-conscious things to go with the pictures.

Anyway, look forward to this in March, it's my first big project and I hope it turns out well!